Add Polish to Your Home

Look into epoxy countertops and garage epoxy flooring in Gravette, Bentonville, AR & surrounding areas.

Your home is precious to you. You want it to look good with as little maintenance as possible. ACE Epoxy And Polish has a great solution for floor and countertop wear and tear. We install garage epoxy flooring and epoxy countertops in Gravette, Bentonville, AR and all of the northwest part of the state. You can count on us to work efficiently around your schedule.

Discuss your options for garage epoxy flooring and epoxy countertops with us now. You can reach our team at 479-657-0115.

epoxy contractor in Gravette, AR and Bentonville, AR

Epoxy coatings can make a huge difference in your home

Our innovative coatings protect concrete surfaces from damage. You'll avoid scrapes, scratches and chips that are expensive to repair. Plus, epoxy coatings add a smooth shine to every surface, improving the look of your garage, kitchen or bathroom. You'll save money while improving your home's appearance. There's no downside.

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