Protect Your Floors From Damage

Take advantage of epoxy flooring and polished concrete in or around Gravette, Bentonville, AR and the surrounding Tri-state area

Your floors have a bigger impact on the overall appearance of your property than you may realize. They also take on a considerable amount of damage each year. Foot traffic, heavy furniture and even vehicles in garages can wear down your concrete floors. Luckily, you can protect them with a layer of top-quality epoxy. If you need an epoxy contractor iin Gravette, AR, Bentonville, AR, or the surrounding areas, you should turn to ACE Epoxy And Polish. We install epoxy flooring in homes and businesses throughout northwest Arkansas.

Epoxy coatings are water- or acetone-based solutions that create a strong, protective seal over concrete surfaces. They improve durability while adding a sleek shine. Whether you're interested garage epoxy flooring or concrete polishing, you can count on us. You can tell us your needs and preferences, and we'll handle the rest.

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epoxy flooring in Gravette, AR and Bentonville, AR


You want your business to look more professional. It can with improved flooring.

epoxy contractor gravette ar


The concrete flooring in your garage could benefit from a protective coating.

concrete polishing in Gravette, AR and Bentonville, AR

Epoxy Flooring

Should you be installing epoxy flooring? Our contractors will let you know.

epoxy contractor in Gravette, AR and Bentonville, AR

Concrete Polishing

Your worn-down concrete surfaces may just need some polishing.

concrete polishing in Gravette, AR and Bentonville, AR

Backed by over a decade of experience

Our epoxy contractors have your concrete needs covered. With over 12 years of experience, they know how to provide exceptional quality results. Meet with one of our team members today to start planning your project. While we're based in Gravette & Bentonville, AR, we'll travel anywhere in the northeast part of the state to provide you with professional care.

Our ultimate goal is to care for your concrete floors and countertops. That's why our services go beyond installing residential and commercial epoxy flooring. You can also rely on us for:


  • Concrete staining, to give your concrete a new look
  • Concrete cleaning and sealing, to protect your concrete and make it shine
  • Concrete engraving, to customize your concrete
  • Stamped concrete repairs, to fix cracked and chipped areas of your concrete






epoxy contractor in Gravette, AR and Bentonville, AR

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