Fortify Your Floors

Add epoxy coating & flooring services in Gravette, Bentonville, AR & surrounding areas.

Your floors go through a lot. If you want to protect them from damage while improving their appearance, you may want to consider epoxy flooring services from ACE Epoxy And Polish. We apply this innovative coating to residential and commercial floors throughout Gravette, AR and the surrounding areas. You can choose from water- or acetone-based options, depending on your needs. We'll help you decide and provide efficient services.

Schedule an epoxy coating application today. We're based in Gravette, AR but serve Bentonville & all of the northwest region of the state.

Reap the benefits of better floors

You may wonder why so many home and business owners are getting epoxy flooring services. The answer is simple. Epoxy coatings are rising in popularity because they:

  • Create easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Give floors a sleek and stylish appearance
  • Eliminate many maintenance requirements
  • Allow you to customize your concrete floors

Not sure if epoxy floors are right for your property? Ask an expert from our team for advice now. You can call us at 479-657-0115.

Types of Epoxy Options

  • Color solid
  • Flake chip
  • 3D epoxy
  • Metallic
  • Quartz